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Slingshot Rentals in Miami, FL

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RENT A SLINGSHOT to Explore Miami in Style! 

We are confident you will receive exactly what you are looking for when you come to RENT A SLINGSHOT. A member of our rental team will work closely with you to choose everything you may need. We have a wide variety of Polaris Slingshots to fit every taste and budget. These incredible three-wheeled vehicles are a great way to explore Miami, Florida. Come and visit us for an unforgettable Slingshot rental experience!

Slingshot parked in front of building

Why Rent a Slingshot?

Like A 3 Wheel Car/Motorcycle

What’s it like driving a Slingshot? With two front wheels and only one in back, the Slingshot takes instant turns, accelerates with the lightest touch, and puts you at one with the road.

Open Air Roadster

You’ll be at one with the outdoors with the wind whipping by in the open air cockpit of your Slingshot rental. Only five inches from the ground, you could almost reach down and touch it. (Only try this while parked.)

Eye Catching Style

Turn heads left and right when passing cars on the highway or driving along city streets. The Polaris Slingshot never ceases to amaze. Try one out today with Rent a Slingshot!

Scenic Drives

A Slingshot rental is the perfect way to explore the great outdoors. Head out on a state or national park driving tour and enjoy the scenic route. That mountain drive has never looked so beautiful.

Date Night

Slingshot city rentals are the perfect option for your next romantic getaway. Impress your date when pulling up in style with a Slingshot rental in Miami and take a city tour of popular outdoor attractions.

Weekend Getaway

Some of the best weekend vacations are those without any particular places to go. A day drive out on the open roads or coastal tour along hidden beaches should find a spot on your vacation list. Rent a Slingshot will make it happen!

a person sitting on a motorcycle in front of a building

Get to Know Us!

Here at Rent A Slingshot, we strive to deliver the best customer service along with great rental packages that afford our customers flexibility and comfort. We are here to serve you!

Please visit the contact us page for more information on our awesome rentals.